SARA JONES is now cutting Riviera, a major international 10 part crime drama, working with director Hans Herbots. Filming takes place in France but editing in London with Neil Jordan as the showrunner.


GREGORY GUDGEON is currently playing Professor Minkowski in a 10 part FOX 21 series about Albert Einstein called Genius. The series shoots in Prague with Ron Howard as one of the executives and lead director. Gregory's character will appear in episodes two and five.


SIMON BRASSE is currently in Prague editing Britannia and working with director Sheree Folkson. The new 10 part series for Sky is set during the Roman invasion of Britain and is being produced by Rick McCullum.


JESSICA BAGLOW is now working on Apostasy, a feature film backed by the BBC and the BFI which is shooting near Manchester. The movie is set in a Jehova's Witness community and is being directed by Dan Kokotajlo.


CRISPIN GREEN, having recently cut new ITV series The Halcyon, is now back on HBO's Game of Thrones. This is his fourth year on the hugely successful Belfast based series, working with director Jeremy Podeswa.


New client and recent LAMDA graduate LUCINDA TURNER has landed her first TV job playing Margaret Baxter in the Turner Network TV series Will. Following a successful pilot, nine episodes about William Shakespeare's life in his early 20s are being filmed at Dragon Studios in South Wales.

CAOLAN BYRNE has also been cast in the series, playing a fanatical Catholic called Matthew in 2 episodes. Both clients will be directed by Shekhar Kapur who is directing the first block in a break from working on feature films.



Designer STEPHEN CAMPBELL, who is a new addition to the books, has just started working on an exciting new series based in Scotland for BBC Three. Clique follows childhood friends Georgia and Holly as they begin their student life at the University of Edinburgh and are drawn into a dangerous group.


WILL BARTON is playing the role of Alcock in The Libertine, which will run at Theatre Royal Haymarket from 22 September. The production is directed by Terry Johnson and stars Dominic Cooper as the debauched Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot.

"Will Barton, as Tom Alcock, stood out and reminded me of Blackadder's Baldrick."
Nancy Connolly, Bath Chronicle


New client DAVID YARDLEY has recently started cutting the second series of ITV's The Durrells. The production shoots in Corfu but edits at Ealing Studios and is produced by Christopher Hall, with Steve Barron directing the first block.


CLAUDIA GRANT is currently appearing in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the West End's Palace Theatre. The new episode in the Harry Potter story joins Harry nineteen years on from the seventh book to find him with a wife and three children and a job at the Ministry of Magic.


Director of photography DOMINIC CLEMENCE is currently working on the ever popular Silent Witness with director David Drury. Earlier in the summer, Dominic shot the third series of the award winning CBBC series Hetty Feather.


ROSS O'HENNESSY has almost finished shooting feature film Knights of the Damned in South Wales. He can also be seen playing the regular part of Locke in The Bastard Executioner which is showing on the History Channel on Tuesday evenings.


Editor DAVID FISHER is cutting the first and third blocks of this year's Vera episodes. The popular North-East England set series is being produced by Letitia Knight.


MARCUS GRIFFITHS can be seen the Royal Shakespeare Company's productions of Cymbeline and King Lear at the Barbican from the beginning of November. The shows are coming to London following runs at the RSC's home in Stratford-upon-Avon.

DANNY HORN is currently playing the lead role of Ray Davies in hit West End show Sunny Afternoon. The Olivier award winning musical about the rise of The Kinks is on at the Harold Pinter Theatre.